Commercial Laundry Services

Reliable commercial laundry service for your business.

What is Commercial Laundry

We bring a personalized level of service to all of our commercial customers to ensure your laundry is done just the way you like it. Some popular items we clean are table linens, bedsheets, pillowcases, napkins, towels, beauty shop capes, robes and so much more. Call or email us today to learn more about what our business can do for yours.

Our commercial laundry includes:

      • Customized accounts to suit your laundry needs
      • Wash, dry, and fold all of your laundries
      • No lost laundry
      • No harsh chemicals and smells
      • Reliable delivery

Whether you’re looking for linen & towel service, or professional uniform cleaning, We Deliver Laundry has you covered. 

Top Commercial Laundry Service Industries

Colleges & Universities

We Deliver Laundry makes it easy for colleges and schools to have top notch commercial laundry service.

Uniforms, sheets, and linens are all items that we can handle!

Hotels & AirBnbs

If your Hotel, Resort or rental property has commercial laundry and linen service needs, look no further.

Event Planners

We effectively handle all cleaning and pressing needs for linens and uniforms before your next event.

Spas & Salons

Is your spa or salon in need of commercial laundry and linen service? Look no further, We Deliver Laundry can ensure you have all that you need right in time!

Gyms & Fitness Studios

Don’t run out of a towel ever again! We pick up towels and deliver them fresh and clean like clockwork.


Our Laundry process ensures that your aprons, napkins, tablecloths and other commercial laundry needs are safe and clean.

Other businesses we service include:

What Our Customers Are Saying

Why Choose Our  Service​

  • High Quality
    No need to lose quality, our team of expert linen cleaning professionals guarantee the safety of your garments and commercial laundry.
  • Low Cost
    Don’t break the budget! Keep your business running smoothly with a trusted partner committed to low costs.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Safe and sustainable cleaning practices to ensure the safety of you and your garments, every time.


Simply Visit signup and click on the “Schedule” button. Follow the steps and prompts to schedule your desired service.

Your laundry is delivered within 48 hours of pickup.

There is a service and transport fee of $5.95 on all orders. There is also a same-day cancellation fee of $5.99.

In addition to all the business types above, we also serve summer camps, Air BnBs, uniform cleaning and much more. Reach out to set up your commercial account today. 

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