Dry Cleaning Pick Up & Delivery 

Seamless dry cleaning service straight to you.


We Deliver Laundry picks up, cleans and delivers your dry cleaning so you can get your time back.

What is Dry Cleaning?

We Deliver Laundry is a full service provider of dry cleaning services. No worries about standing in long lines, our trusted dry cleaning process protects the quality of your favorite and most important items.

Do you have a special type of fabric? Don’t concern yourself!

Whether you’ve got formal attire, a family quilt, or maybe your comfy winter coat, our dry cleaning process is smooth and seamless, helping you to receive your items quickly and on-time.

Who knew professional dry cleaning pick up and delivery could be so easy?

How it works

Photo Inventory

Our photo inventory process guarantees no lost socks – we inspect every item before going through our closed loop dry cleaning process.

Stain inspection

Stain inspection is the process of identifying which detergents and cleaning methods will be
required to do an excellent job

Expert  Care

Separating colors from whites, removing items from your pocket and ensuring each piece of your property is protected is part of the We Deliver Laundry Expert Care guarantee.

Pressed and Hung

Once cleaned, your item is pressed + hung. Our Expert Care team will deliver as promised: no fuss involved.

Dry Cleaning Price List

Save 15% or up to $50 a month with our weekly and bi-weekly service. You can cancel at any time.


Pants: $5.00

Shirt: $2.55-5.00

Men’s & Women’s Suits: $13.50

Dresses: $15.00 & Up

Sport Jackets: $8.00

Sweaters: $6.50 & Up 

3/4 Coats: $15.00 & Up

Long Coats: $20.00 & Up

Skirts: $6.50 & Up

Blouses: $5.00 & Up

Scarves: $6.00 & Up

Why Choose our Dry Cleaning Service? 

High Quality

The We Deliver Laundry Expert Care team is here to ensure a high-quality dry cleaning service.

Low Cost
The value and care you receive matched with a commitment to low costs to you.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Dry cleaning with you in mind: eco-friendly cleaning practices for a better planet


Simply Visit signup and click on the “Schedule” button. Follow the steps and prompts to schedule your desired service.

Your laundry is delivered within 48 hours of pickup.

There is a service and transport fee of $5.95 on all orders. There is also a same-day cancellation fee of $5.99.
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