Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Livingston, NJ

Laundry Pick Up Service in Livingston, NJ

Are you tired and ready to put up your feet? Does your sky-high pile of laundry taunt you from the dark and dusty bedroom corner? We thought so. We Deliver Laundry is a pickup and delivery laundry service that wants you to rest without the pressure of emptying the laundry basket. It’s easy to sign up for our service, whether through or by phone at (833) 661-0696. Here’s how you get started:

  1. Check whether We Deliver Laundry services your area by entering your zip code.
  2. Pick the service plan that suits your lifestyle. You’re free to change this plan in the future.
  3. Specify your detergent, softener, and water temperature preferences. Then let us know if you have any other specific laundry requests.
  4. Select the billing method that works best for you.
  5. Let us know what pickup date and time fits your schedule.
  6. We Deliver Laundry will have a fresh and clean stack of clothing back at your door within 24 hours!

A Laundry Service for the Active Parent

Getting laundry done is hard enough, but getting it done with little ones about your feet? Nearly impossible. We understand you want the best and healthiest option for your kids. That’s why we offer non-toxic detergent, like Seventh Generation. While we get the clothes sudsy, you’ll have more time to explore Livingston or travel further afield to Turtle Back Zoo. Just know that whatever you choose, We Deliver Laundry’s service guarantees next day delivery of your fresh-smelling wardrobe.

Lunching in Livingston

Have you always wanted to try Mezza Mediterranean’s crispy falafel? If getting the chores done is the only thing holding you back, then We Deliver Laundry can help out. Signing up is easy and scheduling the first pickup is even easier. In moments you can determine how often you’d like our services, what detergents and softeners that would be used, and how your belongings should be folded. You could have everything sorted and scheduled while waiting in your car for your lunch companion. It’s really that simple!

Getting the Bedding Right

A comfortable suburban area only an hour away from the city, Livingston is ideal for a family visit. Our laundry service encompasses bedding as well as clothing. We are more than happy to take bulk items like comforters and sheets if you need the guest room linens smelling clean and looking bright. Help us help you by signing up and getting started!

We Deliver Laundry’s pickup and delivery service functions uniquely for our New Jersey residents. We make signing up easy so you can spend the rest of your day relishing life in Livingston and saying goodbye to laundry annoyances. Sign up today and we will wash, dry, and deliver your way!