Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Morristown, NJ

Laundry Pick Up Service in Morristown, NJ

Would you like to spend your weekends washing clothes and finding that missing sock? If not, then We Deliver Laundry is the perfect option for you. We Deliver Laundry is a pickup and delivery laundry service that will allow you to experience and savor your city. How does it work?

  • Sign up and create a pickup plan
  • Customize your laundry preferences and choose your detergent and softener
  • Leave your laundry out for our pickup service 

Morristown National Historical Park

You can experience the historical delights of Morristown, New Jersey now that you no longer have the cumbersome chore of doing laundry. The Capital of the American Revolution, your city of Morristown is home to America’s first national historical park. On a free Saturday you and the kids can hike or bike in the park’s Jockey Hollow. Stains and smudges are only a minor concern when you have We Deliver Laundry on your side. Let your kids peddle through the mud or roll down a verdant hill. Your only responsibility is telling us how you want the clothes washed and when to swing by for pickup.

Pinot’s Palette

Not an outdoors person? Pinot’s Palette blends the luxurious wine-drinking experience and the joy of artistic expression. Take pleasure in red wine or white as you dip your paintbrush and make memories with close friends. We all want a beautiful masterpiece on the canvas, but not so much on our favorite white dress. We Deliver Laundry’s laundry service allows you to choose which Clorox is best to fight unwanted stains. Let a local artist guide you in creating a masterpiece then let We Deliver Laundry take care of clean-up.

Bickford Theater at Morris Museum

Morristown offers options for a classy night out. Of these options is the Bickford Theater, an intimate entertainment venue housed within the spacious and elegant Morris Museum. Naturally, you want to look your best when enjoying the most recent musical or dramatic production. We Deliver Laundry will fulfill your specialty laundry requests if your theater-going number needs to be treated with care. We are more than happy to use a gentle wash and cold water before air drying your ensemble. Feel and look your best on a night you won’t forget.

Wightman Farms

Wightman Farms is family-run and provides the community with tasty crops like juicy cantaloupe and savory fingerling potatoes. We Deliver Laundry appreciates that you prefer the organic and natural lifestyle. We Deliver Laundry offers plant-based detergent with refreshing scents derived from essential oils. Bring your reusable produce bags and stock up at Morristown’s ninety-year old farm. Savor the crisp sweetness of summer strawberries or the buttery flakiness of a farm-baked pie. We Deliver Laundry is prepared to clean consciously and serve your laundry needs.

Fold and put away those thoughts of laundry. We Deliver Laundry’s primary purpose is to do the washing and drying so you won’t have to. Time is open for you to hike trails, create new art, support local theaters and buy from your community’s farmers. We Deliver Laundry wants the best for you and that means no laundry woes!

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