For most of our clothing we simply check the tag and allow that to make the decision as to whether or not we send it to the cleaners or throw it in the wash, but the truth is there are benefits to dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Helps to Remove Tough Stains

One of the biggest benefits of dry cleaning is the ability to remove the toughest stains that water is unable to. Our highly trained specialists will remove stains with the utmost care for your garment. Once your clothes are affected by stains it is recommended to get them dry cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the stain from oxidizing.

Dry Cleaning Can Increase the LifeSpan of Your Garments

Some delicate fabrics such as silk or linen do not do well with wet cleaning. We recommend dry cleaning these types of fabrics to have your garments looking as new as possible! We follow strict guidelines according to the labels on your garments to make sure they come back to you looking better than ever.

Dry Cleaning Keeps Colors Colorful

Certain colored fabrics lose their original shine when washed with other fabrics or colors. Keep your dress shirts crisp white by giving them to the dry cleaners. We use specific solvents to ensure your garments stay their original color and look as new as possible.

Dry Cleaning is Convenient

Dry cleaners have different solutions for every stain, fabric and any other problem that is affecting your garments. Instead of purchasing multiple stain removers you can save time and money by scheduling your next order for dry cleaning!

We at We Deliver Laundry want to help you save yourself a trip to the dry cleaners by picking up your dry cleaning for FREE. Click HERE and we can pick it up with your wash and fold order or separately either way we are ready to handle your dry cleaning.