Top 8 tips for handling your laundry at this time

With everything that is happening right now how you take care of your laundry is even more important than ever before. We have compiled the Top 8 Tips for handling laundry according to the CDC.

  1. Wipe down surfaces with a disinfecting wipe or spray – if you are in your laundry room at home or at a laundromat. Novel coronavirus can stay on hard surfaces for unto 3 days.
  2. Wash your laundry bag/hamper that carries the dirty laundry 
  3. Not touching your face while doing your laundry 
  4. Wear gloves if possible while handling dirty laundry
  5. Do not shake the dirty laundry as particles from the laundry are able to spread
  6. If your washing machine has a sanitizing option, we recommend using it before and after each wash to kill the virus
  7. Wash your clothes at the highest possible temperature for each wash in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation for your clothes
  8. If you are sharing towels and linens with other people or pets in your household we recommend washing them as often as possible

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